Sieze the Toast

\”I\” before \”E\” except after \”C\” and when sounding for \”A\” as in \”neighbor\” and \”weigh.\” So where does that leave us?

A Year of Toast September 16, 2007

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Been a while, hasn’t it? I think I mentioned before, when things get complicated in my offline life– when personal, professional, or social issues intervene– to the point where something has to give, the blog is that something. And so I’ve left you in the lurch while I jetted off to Nassau for a week (and why it was Nassau rather than Jamaica is a story all to itself), and neglected you all through my abortive first attempt at screenwriting, and forgotten you completely while Tahoe burned around me (though that is a story that must be told, and if it’s not in this space, I’ll at least link to it), and let you be mercifully oblivious while my heart broke twice in a single month. In July I signed up for Gaia Online and got a journal there, and I’m more comfortable using that space to write about writing– I manage to post there at least once a week.

And what of Toast? I’ve already invested too much time and effort to abandon it, but not enough interest to update and promote it as much as a good blogger should. So it stays, with changes.

I’m giving up on all pretenses of regularity. You may see new posts twice a day, once a month or every other year, but I’m going to focus on quality and ignore quantity outright. I’m also officially giving up on the idea of focusing on a particular subject (writing, knitting, etc.), though you may have noticed I abandoned that kind of focus in practice long ago. When it feels right, I’ll make a post on whatever I feel I need to say, and if I end up with thousands of categories each containing only a few posts, so be it. And if someday I’ve compiled enough good material here to make the blog as a body a worthwhile read, then perhaps it will be time for me to make a real website, with a domain name and everything. But now we’re talking ifs and whens, and in this life those two things are the least certain.