Sieze the Toast

\”I\” before \”E\” except after \”C\” and when sounding for \”A\” as in \”neighbor\” and \”weigh.\” So where does that leave us?

Eureka! March 17, 2007

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After an interminable period of educated guesses, tortuous reasoning and outright speculation, we the faithful have at last been gifted with the definitive answer: Shakespug’s pants are made from a rubber glove. I’m inordinately pleased to have finally acquired this information; inordinately because

  • I didn’t have to work for it,
  • we’re talking about the apparel choices of a daily newspaper comic character
  • and this is the first clear indication of five fingers on the garment in question (all five are visible here, but I assumed the middle three represented a rapidly wagging tail), making this denouement a bit of a cheat.

In any case, now I can devote my full attention (out of the attention that I set aside specifically for deconstructing Get Fuzzy) to figuring out why Mr. Conley has spent the past month gradually filling the apartment with colorful one-joke characters. I think he’s building toward (in a year or so) a domesticated furry animal interpretation of the Stateroom Scene. Time will tell.